Disaster Law and Consulting (DLC) was formed for the purpose of providing the highest level of consulting assistance to Counties, Cities and certain non-profits as they prepare for and recover from disasters. DLC is operated and staffed by experienced disaster professionals that will help lead entities out of the chaos caused by a major event. Our primary service is FEMA disaster grant management. Our staff has decades of experience in the area and has developed hundreds of millions of dollars of Public Assistance projects across the country, including Florida, Louisiana, Texas and New Jersey.

Our services also include the development of FEMA appeals. Since the firm is owned by an attorney that is admitted to many federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, DLC will aggressively challenge FEMA determinations to ensure that our clients receive their maximum federal reimbursement from every disaster.

DLC’s primary goals are to assist their clients be prepared for disasters, to ensure that their FEMA disaster grant management process maximizes federal reimbursement, to challenge any adverse decisions from FEMA, and advocate for the expeditious dispatch of recovery funds to our clients. 


Exemplary Service at a Reasonable Cost


DLC specializes in assisting governmental entities, and certain private not for profit entities, navigate the FEMA Public Assistance program. We will work with our clients from damage assessment to closeout and do all the work in between. We are also able to challenge any FEMA decision through appeal, which we can personally pursue to its ultimate conclusion. DLC also provides other emergency management related advice regarding procurement or any aspect of preparedness, response, or recovery.


Travel and Expenses

Any travel or expenses other than fees must be pre-approved by DLC clients. All travel time will be billed at the agreed upon hourly rate. Clients are responsible for cost of a plane ticket up to $400 and hotel room up to $200 – any costs above that amount will be absorbed by DLC. Mileage billed at 44 cents per mile. Clients will not be charged for any food, office expenses, or office staff. DLC clients will be responsible for the cost of any required Subject Matter Experts for appeals, but any such expense will be discussed and negotiated with the Client. 


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