FEMA Disaster Grant Management


DLC has extensive experience with the FEMA disaster grant management process. We have worked as FEMA employees, as employees of State emergency management departments, and as consultants, so we are familiar with the process from every angle. Further, we have deep substantive policy knowledge on the entire Public Assistance program and thus can engage in productive discussions and negotiations for our clients with any State or Federal representative concerning recovery.

DLC will assist clients from the initiation of the process to its ultimate conclusion. We can assist with the assessment and compilation of damages, handle all the preliminary meetings with FEMA and State representatives, ensure that all damages are included in projects and then be an advocate for swift and certain reimbursement. 

DLC also has extensive experience with all of FEMA’s Section 428 pilot programs and can provide counsel and advice as to whether any such programs will benefit a specific client. 


Pre-obligation actions:

  1. Accurate and complete detailed Damage Inventory Report.
  2. Complete and accurate information relayed to FEMA at Scoping Meeting, interpret FEMA language to the SubRecipient.
  3. Mirror FEMA personnel to ensure accurate Site Inspection information and reports.
  4. Project formulation QA/QC to ensure the accuracy and correctness of all aspects of the project.
  5. Grants Portal backup validation and upload.
  6. Reimbursement Request validation with full documentation.
  7. FEMA RFIs.
  8. Initial and Final Review of FEMA Determination Memos.



Post project obligation tasks:

  1. Continue responding to FEMA RFIs
  2. Project and version appeals., continued review of FEMA determination memos.
  3. Grant funds reconciliation and allocation.
  4. Time Extensions